Thalikkunnil Group

Thalikkunnil Group is a company that has always evolved to meet the needs of the customers in changing times and has diversified its business activity from distribution to Engineering services, Construction and Interiors. Today, we’ve grown into a multi discipline professional business group, serving thousands of corporate and individual clients throughout the Southern part of India.

Distribution Division

We distributes National and International brands through our Intdecor, Quilon Intdecor & Introof and predominantly offers exceptional quality..

Engineering Division

We are the authorized applicator of Fosroc Construction chemicals in Kerala. Being the leading water proofing & structural rehabilitation company in Kerala..

Interior Division

Interior Division excels in creating custom designs tailored to individual preferences, spanning furniture selection to spatial arrangement.

We've got everything, you need!

Thalikkunnil Group offers a large array of products, services and solutions that enable thousands of Individual, Government and Corporate clients across South India to foster innovation, operational efficiency and exceptional quality which enable them to add value to their projects.

Quality and Value

A high quality approach and commitment has allowed us to exceed clients’ needs and expectations.


With over 15 years of expertise, we evolved into a multi-disciplinary professional business group, catering to thousands of corporate and individual clients.

Reasonable Cost

Dedicated in making our products & services well worth the cost, providing the best in industry.


Ensure that our products & services are delivered to the extreme standard, in time and budget, by working hand in hand with the clients.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer centric approach and philosophy of working together with the clients help us to maintain excellent customer relation and thereby, enhancing customer satisfaction.

As a value-adding partner to our clients, we surely make them find a mark that speaks of our years of master touch in every aspect.

Customer success always comes first.

Our Partners Trust Us!

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